Bacchanal is a wondrous place where local jazz, fantastic food and Holy Vino meet to create one of the most magical experiences one can have in New Orleans. Many elements add to this experience including the DIY aspect of our service, that we never ask someone to leave a table they have been sitting at all day to make room for a “reservation” and that our guests are never thwarted by a “Closed for a Private Event” sign. Because of this, we have very few opportunities for a guest to rent out the space for a private event. Please read below carefully and only contact us if you understand the limitations and still want to have your party here.


Private Events are limited to Monday-Thursday from 11am-4pm in the upstairs back room of the bar ONLY. (Subject to availability and time of year)

Any other times and other areas of Bacchanal are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We do not take reservations, host any private events, or do buyouts any other time or in the courtyard. EVER!

There are no exceptions!



We haven’t done a buyout in over 6 years and it’s unlikely we would ever close our doors to the public. If we even considered doing it, it would be quite expensive.


Any party, private or semi private, must still adhere to a couple of our basic rules:


~We have a strict over 21 policy. (No exceptions) That includes all babies in strollers, toddlers and children even with supervision of parents.  


~We are counter service only. No table service.


~Service animals are the only animals allowed on premise.


~No outside food, drink or music except for a cake or celebratory dessert. You may be subject to a $20 cake fee if you do not bring in all your own utensils and plates.


Guidelines to getting tables at Bacchanal…

  • Come early! If you come early, you are almost guaranteed a spot smack in the middle of the courtyard.  We have music every day starting at noon.

  • Send some scouts ahead. If you have a larger group, you may send a couple of scouts ahead to save some space.  Be aware, when it starts getting busy, it will be much harder for a small number of people to save a large table so don’t make them wait too long.

  • Come on off days or times. Tuesdays and Wednesdays and lunchtime are the best times to secure a spot easily.


Please contact us at if your party fits into the above criteria.