Our featured wine of the week: May 14th

5.14 Weingut Knoll Gruner Veltliner Federspiel Loibner 16.jpg

Weingut Knoll Gruner Veltliner Federspiel "Loibner" '16

Emmerich Knoll III, an exuberant spokesperson for the Wachau region, farms the family’s 15 hectares of land and crafts wines that clearly express the Unterloiben terroir where some of Austria’s most famous vineyards can be found. He also slapped Joe across the face at the Maple Leaf during Rebirth Brass Band to tell me "What a great time he was having!" There is no sicker wine label in the world the the one at Knoll... a masterpiece!

      This wine is a Federspiel with an alcohol content of between 11.5 and 12.5 Vol.%. by law.  Without exception, these wines are classically dry-fermented and represent specialty wines which are achievable in this quality only in good locations and vintages. They are distinguished by their charmingly fruity character and their robust delicacy. The name Federspiel recalls the ancient custom of retrieving the hunting bird during falconry – a traditional form of hunting practiced by the nobility in the Wachau in former times.  Let's just say I'm not going hunting with Emmerich, sounds like too much of a good time.

This displays the classic white pepper Gruner notes with white flowers, Pear and a classic Knoll sense of underlying power.   There is not better white wine to pair with vegetables than Gruner.




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