Our wine of the week: July 16th


Domaine Marcoux Lirac La Lorentine 2015

Allez les Bleu!!! As if your week couldn’t be going any better you’ve won World Cup and secured another spot in Bacchanal’s prestigious Wine of the Week honors.  

As important as the various soils of Châteauneuf are to the wines it produces so are the people who make the wines and farm the vineyards. Perhaps no better representatives of this fact are the Armenier sisters, Catherine and Sophie. Upon meeting Sophie and Catherine one cannot help but notice their ease and quiet confidence in a setting that is neither modern nor traditional. Their tasting room is simple and modest much like their cellar so that the overall impression you get is one of timelessness. Located in a rural part of an already remarkably rural appellation only reinforces the impression that they operate in an oasis of calm, balance and poise. So, it only makes sense that their wines also share these qualities. While their family’s roots in the region can be traced back to the 13th century the Domaine is surprisingly new having been founded in 1989 but from vineyards that have been in their family for generations.

The Lirac is a relatively new addition to their holdings and totaling 8 hectares, their property is a mix of Grencahe, Syrah and Mourvedre on a complex terroir of sand, pale clay limestone and gravelly red clay. It was a sadly neglected vineyard so it has taken many years to convert this site to biodynamics which is just beginning to show in the wines. What was once simple and benign has become stony and refined with a raciness from the Syrah (up to 30% of the blend) and real muscle from the Mourvedre (also up to 30% of the blend). A unique wine in the context of the property and a very serious style for Lirac.



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