Our wine of the week: December 10th


Karl Lagler Riesling Federspiel “Setzberg” 2011

The Lagler winery is located in the municipality Spitz on the Danube in the Lower Austrian wine-growing region Wachau. The family has been based here since 1789. Today it is run by Karl and Elisabeth Lagler and son Karl junior. The vineyards cover 13.5 hectares in the vineyards Atzberg, Axpoint, Burgberg, Gasselreith, Hartberg, Setzberg, Steinborz. Tausendeimerberg. They strive for a natural, environmentally friendly management with reduced pruning, more careful foliage care and thin out grapes in the summer with selective hand-picking.

The operating motto here is: The aim of our wine production is to find the fruit of the grape in the wine . The fermentation takes place temperature-controlled in the steel tank, the expansion depending on the variety and wine quality in a large wooden barrel or steel tank.

Riesling loves rocks. Here, specifically the rose and white marble of Setzberg vineyard, which delivers an edgy white, vibrant with nerve and smoke. From Riesling harvested at full ripeness from 400 m high slopes, then fermented and matured in stainless steel, with 5 months on its lees. The term “Federspiel” comes from the old pastime of falconry and refers to the old local custom of calling in the bird when hawking. It is a quality designation denoting grapes picked at full ripeness.



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