On the third Thursday of November, we'll be serving up the first releases of the 2016 vintage. Beaujolais Nouveau, ready to drink after a mere 6 weeks of aging, is both a first glimpse of what the vintage will have to offer, and a wholly unique experience at the same time. As is often the case, mass production has sullied the name of this wonderful and age-old tradition. However, a few makers still strive for quality over quantity and it's from those we have chosen two to feature this year.

First up is Domaine Dupeuble. The late Damian Dupeuble did much to reinvent Beaujolais Nouveau, and he did it by going back in time to capture the traditional idealism of Nouveau wine. By doing so, he also made it wonderfully aromatic. It tastes as good as it smells. There is nothing added to Dupeuble Nouveau. It’s simply ripe Gamay fermented with the native yeast found naturally on the skins.

In addition, we've chosen Joseph Drouhin's Beaujolais Nouveau, which will be a true labor of love this year. Winemakers Angelique and Frederic Drouhin lost upwards of 30% of their harvest to a freak golf ball-sized hail storm in April. They were left with vineyards the health of which, in Frederic's own words "varies widely from one sector to another with high pressure from mildew which requires a very meticulous monitoring of the vines." The sleepless nights seem to have paid off, though and he is "very enthusiastic" about the resultant wine.

For our part, we'll be serving both Nouveaus by the glass and bottle starting Thursday and going all through the weekend, Also look for some beautiful pairings crafted by Chef Rich Richardson.