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Bacchanal Fine Wine and Spirits will host Sneaky Pickle’s owner and chef, Ben Tabor for two nights (Wednesdays, May 15th and 22nd) of grilling and kicking it in Bacchanal’s yard.

‘Pickle Phoenix’, is part of a series that local businesses and the Sneaky Pickle team have initiated since they experienced a kitchen fire in March, 2019. The menu has yet to be confirmed, but guests can expect the vegan and vegetarian items Sneaky Pickle is known for -- ‘good food’ as Ben puts it. Bacchanal’s managing partner, Joaquin Rodas, shares ‘We have a strong connection with many Bywater spots, Sneaky Pickle in particular has a soft spot in our hearts. Our staff have been known to eat a meal or two there, and every time Uznea Bauer and Alexis host Mouthfeel, we make the short trip up to St. Claude to see what’s new on their wine list. It was rough to hear about the fire, but we know Sneaky Pickle will be back and better than ever.’  

The event will be similar to Bacchanal’s charity ‘Primal Nights’ -- with Bacchanal’s regular kitchen remaining open, while the guest chef grills out in the yard. Plates can be purchased for a suggested donation of $20 and 100% of the proceeds will go to the reopening of Bywater’s beloved, Sneaky Pickle.