Join us in Chicago this summer!

That's right, Bacchanal is bringing the Backyard Party to the Windy City. We're teaming up with Chicago establishments and will throw the biggest Backyard Party in each space. 



Ludlow Liquors July 1st, 1pm-til

Save the dates and party with us in Chicago!

More ticket info to come


Pop Up Overview : We Provide The Tools To Create the Greatest Backyard Party


In a city obsessed with excess, with the spicy and the saucy, our cuisine is dedicated to the ingredients themselves and the wine that flows with them, it is focused Mediterranean minimalism.


Bacchanal is dedicated to Old World-style wines from smaller producers that truly reflect the regions and soils they are grown in, their terroir.


We are an established music venue with live music, performed by local artists, 7 days a week. We commit to providing one of the Bacchanal house bands, and all with the funky, jazz tunes that come with their performance.

New Orleans Hospitality

We bring food, wine and music together to create a natural vibe and a magical experience, where every guest feels as if they’ve stumbled into the best backyard party in their own neighborhood. Friendly informality is our atmospheric goal. We deconstruct the traditional dining experience and open guests to more interactive engagement - helping them as they build their own adventure. Our guests create their own Bacchanal narrative, not just witness it.