The last few Primal Nights have raised $7,479 for Puerto Rico -- and we've had fun doing them along the way. Our goal is to get to 10k! 

We've invited guest chefs to step into the ring of fire and bring their A game. We've had Fredo Nogueira of Cane and Table, Nathanial Zimet of Boucherrie and Bourré and some of our own favorite local chefs. Past menus have included Roasted lamb, whole hogs, chickens and even rabbit with all sorts of delicious side dishes. 

Come out February 5th with Bom Bolla (Chicago Tapas):

  • Suckling pig saddle stuffed with butifarra

  • Pork braised judion beans

  • Eggplant Escalivada

  • King Mackerel conserva