Our Primal Night Series comes to an end- it's our final of the season! 

We are exactly $1,095 away from raising 10k for Puerto Rico's PureWater4Kids-- LUNDI GRAS IS OUR LAST HURRAH!

(No pressure for this week's #primalpro, Miles Prescott)-- The pulverizing Pavé maker, cow crusher, wham, bam, thank you yams--he's throwing down a fearless and savory menu for the final primal. #BeBadforaGoodCause

Celebrate Lundi Gras with us by the fire and get ready for some serious eats brought to you by Miles Prescott, Bacchanal's general manager. 

We'll have live music all day (12-3 Raphael Bas, 4-7 The Co & Co Traveling Show and at 7:30, Helen Gillet) 

See menu below: 


Short Rib

LBV Glaze

Purple Yam Pavé 

Coal-Roasted Golden Beets