Greetings Guests, Chefs, Wine Vendors and Industry Enthusiasts, Philanthropes... 
The team at Bacchanal is happy to announce a new season of Primal Nights! 

If you’ve been to a Primal Night before, you know that they’re big old backyard bbqs to benefit a good cause! 

Guest Chefs come and grill out a personalized menu, the plate donations (~$20) all go to the charity of their choosing. 

Primal Nights have raised over $18,000 for notable local causes including:

New Orleans Musicians Clinic, STAR, Emeril Lagasse Foundation, Capoiera and Brazilian Cultural Arts Center New Orleans and Bike Easy as well as international causes, Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief, No Kid Hungry and NAMI. 

During December, Bacchanal’s team is taking on the opening for the Winter Season Primal Nights. We’ve decided to go ahead and donate all of December’s Primal Nights to the Calfund Wildfire Relief. 

More dates and guest chef announcements to come for January!