Valentine’s Day Rosé

Pink hearts, pink roses and pink wine are some of the classic Valentine’s Day pairings. Today we will taste through several different styles of rosé that will arouse lovers of all kinds.


NV Graham Beck Brut Rosé

Made from fruit grown in Stellenbosch and Robertson, this sparkling rosé is made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It is soft and elegant with a racy finish. “Cape Classique” wines are made in the traditional champagne method which gives it a deep tone and bubbles that will give off a little spark of love. This is the elegant lady that your Mother wants you to marry.



Mouton Noir Love Drunk  Rosé

The Love Drunk is an intoxicating rosé. Much like new love, it clouds the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise, and lips to pucker.  Provocative aromas of strawberry and raspberry, followed by refreshing flavors of wild strawberry, watermelon rind, and a hint of kiwi. This is the woman you don’t have to ditch your friends for, because they all want to hang out together.


Bermejos Listan Negro Rosado

Los Bermejos is a winery based on the island of Lanzarote, owned and run by the passionate winemaker Ignacio Valdera. Less than 100km from the African coastline, conditions here are extreme. The porous, black volcanic soils have extremely high drainage, lowering the water content of soils that are only nourished by a few inches of rain per year. The winds that blow from the Sahara desert and Atlantic Ocean are so fierce that each vine is planted in small holes or hoyos, and further protected with stone walls. The hoyos also allow the vines to more quickly reach the organic matter located beneath the top layer of solidified lava. Virtually no vegetation can survive such inhospitable soil; the region is more reminiscent of a lunar landscape than the lush traditional image of a vineyard. Not surprisingly, yields are very low, and all vineyard work is meticulously done by hand. Farming is done organically and the winery is in the process of certification. This exotically beautiful woman will keep you lost in her eyes for days.

Château Campuget Tradition Rosé

This is a rose made in the heart of the Rhône valley. It is comprised of mostly Grenache with some Syrah for spice. Its color is an intense peony pink. Its bouquet is very aromatic, exhaling scents of small red fruits such as raspberries or black currants. In the mouth, there is a perfect balance between vivacity and mellowness. This sexy girl was your first love which will always have a special place in your heart.