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Vermouth is a wine-based beverage made by infusing various botanicals (fruits, herbs, spices and roots) into a white, low-alcohol base wine. As is the case with gin, the particular combination of botanicals used varies from producer to producer, and is often a closely guarded trade secret. Cardamom, chamomile, cinnamon, citrus (peel), cloves, coriander and quinine are common vermouth botanicals, although the list of possible ingredients is extensive. Nutmeg and orange peel contribute a distinctive, refreshing bitterness when required. Juniper berries are used to bring a certain tangy intensity to some vermouth, giving it a flavor otherwise more commonly associated with gin, while the use of hyssop and various members of the anise family lend certain absinthe-like aromas and a subtle green hue.


After several trials in order to bring back an old recipe found in the archives of the historic distillery, the Bianco Montanaro was born. A combination of fine white wine infused with more than 20 natural herbs and roots.
Part of the secret of making their Bianco is to encode the right number of herbs to extract the properties and aromas of each one of them, revealing harmonious scent that are also soft on the palate and not invasive. The Bianco Montanaro is ideal as an aperitif, to be served chilled or with ice. I can also be a perfect base for cocktails. 


In the Priorat region, vermouth has been the aperitif par excellence for nearly 100 years. They make their vermouth according to ancient recipes. It is an authentic vermouth. It is intense, full of aromas, sweet and with a bitter finish that makes it fresh.


The numerous aromatic plants that go into the recipe of Antica Formula are extracted by hot infusion or cold extraction methods handed down through the centuries, depending on the raw material. These methods, along with the recipe itself, constitute the secret of this product. The process is extremely precise and lengthy (some of the botanical ingredients require months of processing). Once the various plants and herbs have been put together, they undergo a refining stage which can last for several months. This is so that they can blend together properly and release all their fragrance and aromatic intensity. Finally, after the product has gone through the various quality control stages, it is ready for bottling.