This week...             Grappa


Grappa is a uniquely Italian drink. Traditionally, made from pomace, that is, discarded grape seeds, stalks and stems that are a by-product of the winemaking process, grappa has been around since the Middle Ages.

For generations, Italians have sipped this "firewater" after meals and even added a little to their morning espresso, to "correct" it (try to order a "caffè corretto" next time you are in Italy). Once considered an acquired taste, popular only in Italy, grappa, today, is making itself known around the world. Distilleries from Australia to Oregon, as well as Italy, are trying their hand at making grappa, with surprisingly good results

Here are three uniquely different Grappa for your enjoyment.....

Acqua di Cedro

Intense, crystalline, and clean. Acqua di Cedro brings out all the freshness of the citron fruit, with its intense citrusy aroma. A clean, regenerating flavor like a gentle summer breeze. It is best enjoyed chilled to enhance the subtle flavor of citron and highlight it’s slight sweetness.

Marolo Grappa di Barolo 12 years

Made from Nebbiolo from Barolo, this grappa has great complexity. It’s aged primarily in barriques used to age Marsala from Sicily. The aromas begin with a sweet chocolate, evolving into dryer ones, such as cocoa or even coffee. Notes range from hints of honey and vanilla to those of leather and cinnamon.


Marolo Grappa di Gewürztraminer

This grappa is made from Gewürtztraminer grapes grown in Alto Adige. Its intense fruity aroma is reminiscent of Williams pear, elderflower and rose. One might say that the freshness of the grape variety leaps out very "joyfully" in this grappa. It can also be enjoyed icy cold.